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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

WANTED: Scott Brown, for the Death of Health Insurance Reform

Republican candidate Scott Brown wins Ted Kennedy's senate seat in Massachusetts on Tuesday. Browns previous claims to fame were his daughter reality TV's American Idol contestant Ayla Brown, his wife WCVB-TV news personality Gail Huff, his own nude photo spread in Cosmo, and....his truck. Sen. Scott Brown (R-Ma.) had said during his campaign that he will kill the health insurance reform bill.

As any cable news pundit will tell you, Dems losing the senate seat in Ma. means death for the health care bill. Is Scott Brown really the final nail in this bills coffin? Or is the Democratic party just grasping at excuses? It seems that all along Democrats have been dragging each other kicking and screaming all the way down reform road. It doesn't take James Roday to see that Dems inability to agree and work together is the true murderer of health insurance reform.

The truth is that there is no logical reason why Democrats would not be able to pass a bill with an 18 seat majority. The real problem is not with Massachusetts or Republican filibustering. The problem lies with politicians who see themselves not as public servants, but as elected television personalities. The recent Paris Hiltonesque antics of politicians such as Dancing Tom DeLay, Alan “Die Quickly” Grayson and Joe “You Lie” Wilson are tragic exhibits of the fact that politicians care more about how many hits they get on youtube than how many bills they pass in Washington. If these Polebrities can end up the subject of a Glenn Beck rant or find themselves in Keith Olbermanns countdown then they are more likely to rile up the base back home and get themselves re-elected, thus ensuring they don't end up in the unemployment line with the people they are supposed to be representing. I mean, really, who would want to give up those good government run health benefits our elected officials receive? I guess health care is something worth fighting for after all.

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  1. really that is the problem, politicans are too worried of how they are precieved to get anything done.